After you get your braces off, you have a couple options for retainers. One is called an Essix retainer and wraps all around your teeth. It looks like a clear plastic tray and is virtually invisible to see on your teeth. The Essix retainer can also double as a bleaching tray.

Once your get your Essix retainer, here are some important things to keep in mind for wearing it:

Wear your retainer full time unless otherwise directed. Remove your retainer when eating and replace it as soon as you are done.

You can wear your Essix retainer during sports activities. It is an excellent, inconspicuous mouth guard.

Clean with soap and water. Do not scrub with a toothbrush and toothpaste, it dulls the brilliance.

If an edge of the retainer rubs your gums, trim it with scissors or file smooth with an emery board.

Store your Essix retainer in the hard case we provided. When you take your retainer out to eat, do not wrap it on a napkin or set it on your lunch tray. Retainers can be easily thrown away. Do not put it in your pocket or backpack without it’s hard case.

Keep your retainer away from pets! They love to eat them.

If you lose your retainer, call us immediately. A replacement can be made.