Congratulations! Your braces are off and your smile is magnificent.

After braces, retainers are necessary in order to hold your teeth in place while your gums, ligaments, and bones adapt to their new position. Retainers must be worn routinely in order to keep your teeth straight. A permanent retainer is perfect for patients who do not want to worry about losing or forgetting to wear their retainer. It is placed behind your teeth and is adhered so it is not removable. Not to worry, it is invisible. It can still be brushed and flossed, so oral hygiene is not compromised. Permanent retainers are insurance for your teeth after braces and are most commonly placed on the lower teeth. Reason being, most relapse occurs on the lower, and the uppers follow the lower. Permanent retainers can be placed on the upper teeth when the bite allows. Most often, the bite does not allow for an upper permanent retainer to be placed because, typically, the bite is too deep, and will be bitten off. As an orthodontist, we recommend permanent retainers post orthodontics.

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