An anterior open bite is when the molars touch, but the anteriors (front teeth) do not. Rather, the anterior teeth flare out and when the patient is completely biting down, there is a space between the top and bottom anterior teeth. An open bite is most often caused early on in development through thumb sucking, tongue thrust, or prolonged bottle feeding and pacifier use. The effects are mouth breathing, excessive strain on the jaw and molars that can be detrimental over a long period of time, a compromised smile, and/or a speech impediment. An open bite is best treated early on with appliances such as braces, a tongue crib, and/or therapy. The results are more stable and ideal if the open bite can be treated as early as possible in development. However, if an open bite is not treated early on, there are still options. The options most often include a combination of various orthodontics appliances and orthognathic surgery. We invite you to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Miller to learn what your individualized treatment plan for your open bite would be.

Class I Open Bite