Having trouble getting the salad out of your braces? Not to worry! There are plenty of tools that are helpful in cleaning your brackets.

Let’s start simple…a toothbrush. Make sure it is soft bristle. Angle at 45 degrees and rotate in small circular motions all along the top of your braces (along your gumline) and then all along the bottom of your braces (along the chewing surface of your teeth).

Do you have floss threaders? These handy things make flossing with braces possible! Thread the floss behind your wire (working your way away from the gums so you do not accidentally poke your gums), pull the floss up and floss your teeth. When done, remove the floss and repeat in between all of your teeth until you have flossed every single tooth. Please floss once a day, everyday!

You have mouthwash, right? Swish around for 60 seconds.

Now… if you want to clean even further check out an air-flosser. This device blows water or mouthwash in between your teeth to “floss”. An air-flosser stimulate your gums and cleans in between your teeth.

Clean away!

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