Sometimes, teeth are pulled as part of the orthodontic process. Everyone has two sets of teeth throughout their life span, primary (baby) and permanent (adult). Primary teeth can sometimes cause problems if they are lost too early or too late. Thus, sometimes it is necessary to remove primary teeth to allow normal eruption of permanent teeth later on. Permanent teeth need to be removed because of crowding, protrusion, misaligned bite, asymmetry, or impaction. When the amount of space needed to correct the teeth exceeds the space available, permanent teeth need to be removed if the arch cannot be expanded. This occurs when a patient has moderate to severe crowding and not enough bone or gum to expand. Another cause to pull permanent teeth is if your lips protrude due to the position of your teeth. An orthodontist might recommend removing teeth on the sides in order to pull your teeth back. Jaw discrepancy is another main reason for extractions. If your upper and lower jaws do not match, it is sometimes necessary to remove a few teeth to match the teeth without surgery. Orthodontic treatment is usually faster if you do not need to extract teeth. If an orthodontist recommends teeth extractions, it is usually necessary. Always ask for a thorough treatment plan from your doctor.

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