Thumb sucking and my child’s dental growth

Thumb sucking offers a child comfort and is a rather tricky habit to break. However, it is necessary to help your child stop thumb sucking before their baby teeth erupt. That's right-you did read that correct. It is ideal for your child to stop thumb sucking before their baby teeth even start to grow in. [...]

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How to treat orthodontic emergencies at home

Most orthodontic emergencies can be handled right at home! Long, pokey wires can be trimmed with a nail or cuticle cutter. A broken bracket can be held in place with wax for comfort. Please see this wonderfully detailed list of "fix it yourself" tips on orthodontic emergencies.

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Flaring of the front teeth and adult braces; what is the correlation?

Flaring of the front teeth, otherwise referred to as maxillary anterior labial flaring, can occur in adults for various reasons. The reasons include crowding, narrow arch, bone support loss, bite composition, and more. The most common reason we see anterior flare in adult teeth is because of a lack of room. Once the teeth are [...]

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What is an orthotic trainer (bite corrector)?

An orthodontic trainer is a removable device that is often used to train the teeth, bite, facial muscles, and jaw to correct itself into a more ideal, less harmful, much healthier position. It is often used before braces and placed to reduce treatment time and maximize results. We often use it to correct crooked teeth, [...]

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When should my child first see the orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends visiting with an Orthodontist by the age of 7. An early Orthodontic exam evaluates jaw growth and relationship, the health of one's bite, and dentition. Not everyone is in need of Orthodontic treatment. However, having a consultation early on is advantageous in correcting the jaw and bite on [...]

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What are the benefits from using an athletic mouthguard?

Dental trauma and injuries are common amongst all ages participating in recreational and competitive sports both contact and non-contact. Examples of contact sports are football and lacrosse. Skating and gymnastics are non-contact sports that can can contribute to dental trauma. The best way to protect yourself from dental emergencies is by wearing a custom fit [...]

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Are my symptoms possibly from TMJ?

There are many daily factors that contribute to chronic neck pain. Having a misaligned bite can cause TMJ or TMD. Neck pain is a symptom of TMJ/TMD. A misaligned bite causes an improper relationship between the jaw and skull. Thus, unnecessary stress is put upon your bones, muscles, joints and nerves in your neck, shoulders, [...]

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Ph I treatment

In orthodontia, a Phase I treatment, otherwise known as interceptive orthodontic treatment, refers to early orthodontics for a child usually between the ages of 6-8 whom typically have a mixture of primary (baby teeth) and permanent (adult) teeth. Phase I is the first part of treatment that is started to either correct a jaw or [...]

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What is an open bite?

An anterior open bite is when the molars touch, but the anteriors (front teeth) do not. Rather, the anterior teeth flare out and when the patient is completely biting down, there is a space between the top and bottom anterior teeth. An open bite is most often caused early on in development through thumb sucking, [...]

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Oh no, my permanent retainer is broken…

A permanent retainer is not easy to be broken. The adhesive your orthodontist uses is meant to withstand time and toughness. But somehow it has managed to break...well, we are here to help. Dr. Miller and his team can repair your permanent retainer. The type of repair depends on where it is broken, how it [...]

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