My son is 8, is it to young to start braces?

No! In fact, the AAO (American Association of Orthodontics) recommends that children visit the orthodontist for the first time at the age of 7. An orthodontist will examine how the primary teeth (baby teeth) are falling out/transitioning into permanent teeth. They will look at tooth size and position, tooth loss, bone and jaw growth and […]

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What type of treatment would a MARA be used for?

Have you been told you have an overbite and are a candidate for a MARA?

What exactly is a MARA? Well, the MARA stands for Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance. It is an appliance designed to reposition the lower jaw forward to correct an overbite. The MARA is effective and can make treatment faster. The MARA is […]

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Vote for Dr. Miller and Miller Orthodontics for Best Orthodontist for 2015

Dr. Miller and his team truly value and appreciate our patients, professional referrals, and family support. We would not be here without you. We invite you to vote for Dr. Miller and Miller Orthodontics as Best Orthodontist. We thank you of your continued support!

Best of Mid Vally 2015

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What is a Distal Jet appliance?

A distal jet is a fixed appliance used to move the upper molars back; a great alternative to headgear and/or elastics. It is a common orthodontic appliance that requires minimal patient cooperation, while producing consistent and reliable treatment results. It is effective 85% of the time when the correction is 5mm or less. See the […]

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What does “flared” teeth mean?

Flaring of the front teeth, otherwise referred to as maxillary anterior labial flaring, can occur in adults for various reasons. The reasons include crowding, narrow arch, bone support loss, bite composition, and more. The most common reason we see anterior flare in adult teeth is because of a lack of room. Once the teeth are […]

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Why a permanent retainer

Congratulations! Your braces are off and your smile is magnificent.

After braces, retainers are necessary in order to hold your teeth in place while your gums, ligaments, and bones adapt to their new position. Retainers must be worn routinely in order to keep your teeth straight. A permanent retainer is perfect for patients who do not […]

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What are the white stains I sometimes see on peoples teeth?

Despite what some people think, orthodontic appliances do not cause cavities or decalcifications (white marks on teeth) and are nearly always preventable. These white marks are caused by the build up of plaque on the tooth enamel that occurs due to inadequate oral hygiene.
Basically, decalcification is the loss of calcium from the tooth enamel. This […]

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I am getting married and need to correct my teeth FAST!

Here, at Miller Orthodontics, we hear this very often. And we are prepared to help! The first step is to call our office and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Miller. The most common ways we treat brides to be in the fast lane, is with braces, invisalign, or lingual braces in conjunction with acceledent. When […]

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My 13 year old son still has one baby tooth. Why?

It is not uncommon to see over retention of baby teeth. It could mean that a permanent tooth is congenitally missing or that the baby tooth has been over retained, preventing the permanent tooth from erupting. It is important to visit an orthodontist to evaluate the tooth. If the permanent tooth is in fact present, […]

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After I told my dentist that I often experience neck and shoulder pain, he recommended I see an orthodontist for my bite. Is there really a correlation?

There are many daily factors that contribute to chronic neck pain. Having a misaligned bite can cause TMJ or TMD. Neck pain is a symptom of TMJ/TMD. A misaligned bite causes an improper relationship between the jaw and skull. Thus, unnecessary stress is put upon your bones, muscles, joints and nerves in your neck, shoulders, […]

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